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Vz Berlina Allotec Imtermittent Rough Idle


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Dec 22, 2004
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vt calais
Hi Guys,

Hoping for some ideas on an issue with a VZ Berlina. I have used the search feature and nothing really is the same as my issue so here goes. Car starts fine of a morning no issue at all. After maybe 15 minutes develops a rough idle and a bit of hesitation under acceleration. After about 60 KM\H it is barely noticeable. But up till then you can certainly feel it. At idle it is quite rough. Kind of feels like it wants to stall. After maybe 5 mins of doing this it is all normal again and no issue at all. Go to start the car again after work and same thing. No issue until after about 15 mins. Car will drive no issues at all except for the rough hesitant idle problem up till around 2k RPM. Oils and filters were changed on the weekend. Plugs maybe 20K ago.

Any Ideas?

coil pack?? but would assume it would do it more often and not as if it was at a timed interval.

O2 Sensor??? Makes sense that it takes its reading at the 15 minute mark throws a error and adjusts to wrong mixture????

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Will be placing on scan tool tomorrow or Friday as well to see if that helps. Though id ask the gurus here that may have come across this first.