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VZ bluetooth compatibility


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Apr 29, 2009
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SVZ Wagon
I recently switched my phone from a Nokia E65 to an E71. The E65 worked fine with the dealer installed bluetooth I got with the SVZ, but the E71 won't - can see the carkit and pair with it, but won't connect. Checking the holden website it lists both phones with "partial" support with a later version of the bluetooth module.

Checking with Holden during a service they said the unit could be removed and sent for an upgrade for $125, but that would not give full support - just receiving calls, no voice dialing. The voice dialing worked fine with the E65 though and is mostly what I want the unit for. My concern is blowing that chunk of money on what is a 5 minutes of firmware flashing is a bit rich, especially if it won't even work as good as a cheap bluetooth earpiece.

Can anyone offer any experience on this i.e is it as per the holden advice and I can only receive calls, or are they rattling off some generic responses?

I am not keen on doing the upgrade just as a "see if it works" experiment when I could spend a similar amount on a fully working 3rd party kit, thats all.