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vz door skins?



any hints on getting the door skins off vz door - need to change speakers...:bang:


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Dec 14, 2005
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Black VZ SV6
Door skin removal guide

Step by step...

1. Remove the lock button by inserting a pointed object (knife or a small screwdriver) at the bottom of the red insert in the button, and pry it forward to release the button.
2. Remove the screw in the lock button housing and remove housing, taking care not to drop the screw into the door.
3. Carefully pry off the trianglar plastic vent at the top of the door close to the hinge. The plastic lugs that lock this peice in place are very brittle, so take care not to break them off.
4. Use a pointed knife to remove the screw cover in the door handle and remove screw underneath.
5. Remove the handle by pulling it toward you then tilt it away from the linkage to release the hook off the linkage.
6. Inside the hole where the door handle was remove the screw, again taking care not to drop it inside the door.
7. Remove 1 screw on the outer hinge side of the door trim, then remove 2 on the oposite side and finally there is 4 screws along the bottom of the trim that need to be removed (the horizontal screws, not the vertical screws in the bottom)
8. Now the door should be able to be removed by using a hand either side and pulling toward you. It should take very little force, so if it is resisting, double check all the screws are removed.

Installation is pretty much the reversal of these procedures. The hardest part is getting the linkage back on the hook on the back of the door handle. I found the best way to do this is, with yone hand use a strong thin flat bladed screw to pull the linkage to its extreme towards the opening. Hold the the handle in your other hand with the lever in it's natural position, and try to catch the hook onto the linkage. When you are satisfied the the handle is linked correctly press the handle into it's opening and slide the screw driver out. Before putting teh screw in, give it a few test pulls before by holding it in place wth one hand and actuating the lever with the other.

Hope this helps allblak, and any others.