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VZ LS1 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

Vz ssz quicksilver

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Aug 14, 2021
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Vz ssz ls1
Hi.i have that part no.
Thanks Matt, (for completeness I posted the answer here as well)

Answers to all below

That is 100% correct. The accelerator pedal only works for a VZ LS1 (or

Yes mate the harness is complete, though I am wondering if the TAC Module is the problem. The throttle body appears to run though its learn procedure so I am expecting the fault is not on that side of it.

I have secured two pedals from two separate wreckers both advising that they are off an LS1 powered VZ. The part number is 92183447. As indicated in the other post this is not the part number Holden have for it; however, they advise me that it is off an LS1 powered vehicle. Maybe a Stato. Both are sports pedal and both supposedly came off VZ SS LS1s.

I have that part no.92183447.blu sticker .Im about to fit to my vz ssz ls1 2005 sedan.


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Feb 3, 2018
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This is excellent and I bet @Jolls could have done with this video back at the start.

The website mentioned:
Today I decided to google "PVI england" as this is seen on the circuit board within the video. They are OEM suppliers for pedal assemblies and sensors using their contact and non contact tech. See VCI's About US page below:

The fact the Holden APP sensor utilises wipers, and especially considering the sweeping output voltage (increase and decrease on different pins) as the pedal is depessed, it wouldn't be inaccurate to state that the sensor "wipe arcs" uses VCI's patented resistive ink tech and are not insulated as the guy states in the video :rolleyes:

The question is can the resistive ink be repaired and does any oem sensor manufacturer provide a repair kit for owners to do just that. I'd think not as the resistive ink would likely be some complex slurry that would be masked on the circuit board and then baked in an oven at specific temps/times to get the required surface finish... else if it isn't 100% correct the wiper arms would either chew up the layer quickly or be chewed up by the layer quickly...

I still think the best approach is for someone to make a non contact drop in board that can be used to mod the original pedal assembly yet still output the expected 3 voltage sweeps... Then the problem goes away for good... Either optical or magnetic (MLX90421) non contact sensing should be doable for those that work with such electronics :p