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VZ no start issue

Fu Manchu

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Mar 18, 2006
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I found this and hope it might help someone out.

The guy is good. I’ve long watched his videos. This one just sung out as the same as many get with VZ no start.
ECM shuts down circuits that have shorted and = No crank.
This one was a bad starter. Fuses and relays checked out

A cap discharge refers to a capacitor discharge. Capacitors are present in modules throughout cars with CANbus. The amount of time required to discharge their voltage will vary depending on stored voltage of the capacitor.

Disconnect the battery. Disconnect the ECM. Leave for some time. 30mins-1hr or more.

Carefully plug the ECM back in.
Reconnect positive
Reconnect negative terminal.

For those new to this stuff, pay attention to how he goes through the data to look for clues. The codes generated are not telling him what needs fixing. They are clues that are left at a crime scene and he puts them all together… and still scratches his head.
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