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Vz turbo


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Apr 30, 2021
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Vz sv6
Dump pipe to twin 2.5" bolt on exhaust will work with some tricky pipe work.

You don't need a wastegate or screamer it's internally gated.

I'd assumed V8 as you said a cam. I'd be running aftermarket valve springs and a hd timing kit.

You'll need, fuel pump, injectors and possibly a rail set up I don't know how well the alloytec flows. It looks decent.

Unsure if can mafless tune a vz , you may need to run it draw through not blow through. Unsure if the plastic will hold boost.

You'll need to fabricate an intake pipe.

Tee off the oil pressure switch for oil feed , tap sump for return. Tee into the heater hoses for cooling.

Buy an intercooler if don't have one , possibly trim Reo support to fit.

Even with the cams , that turbo , the manifold , and intercooler pipes you'll be looking at close to five if you can't weld.

Tunes $1200
Injectors $4-500
Pump $200
Fittings and lines to run to the turbo $250-200
Timing chain kit $600
Valve springs $500
$1000 in dump and intake fabrication if can run to a twin cat system or one big cat branching into 2 again.
$600 for a new car back $200 used

There's close to 5k. At that point may as well run a decent turbo there's $9-1400.
Thanks heaps for your help much appreciated I’ll look into getting all this and will let you know how I go with it :))