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VZ ute project


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Mar 2, 2017
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Jolls submitted a new Showcase Item:

VZ ute project

Hi Team,

This is our VZ ute project (sons and I). It started from nothing really - our VY V8S work ute hit a roo and was written off. We purchased her back from the insurer for $300 and ripped out the engine, box and diff, pacer extractors, X force cat back exhaust, and the harness/computers for use sometime down the track.

We happened upon a VZ ute shell, SS seats and interior and FE2 suspension for a song. The downside – sprayed in rattle can white with black matt DIY “racing” features, ute shrouds done in matt black with a paint brush and skirts painted in hammer finish silver. |WTF were they thinking?

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So far we have been paying attention to the go fast bits. New VCM 262 Cam, springs, dual cam chain and sprockets, lifters and oil pump. We have also installed a mantic clutch, replaced the front rack, added a new radiator and converted the LS1 from cable to drive by wire. A new ECU was purchased from LS Extreme as the VY computer wasn’t transferable. An OTRCAI is ready to go on and a MAFless tune is in the wings. Missing the clutch line, an alternator (of course they changed) and a couple of O2 sensors to get her on the road.

The interior is in average shape – seats are OK but as with most 15 or so year old seats need some work; as does the wheel. There is nothing to play the tunes with either. Will add a behind the dash UHF for comms as she will be our quote and run around ute. Fasted quotes in the area.
Panels etc – straight as except for the front bar which has some deep gouges along with a lot of superficial cuts and bruises, May just opt to run a 5 poster to deal with the roos. Apart from that no rela plans except for some decent paint. We will de-badge the beast and run her as a sleeper until we get the time and beer tokens together to do the paint work.

Any thoughts recommendations appreciated.

Cheers n Beers

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