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[VIC] Wanted - 215i or 220i hsv engined car


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Oct 1, 2006
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VE ss ute hopefully, or ss-v
hey guys,

i'm after either a vr, vs or vt hsv in either a gts or senator. only real requirements are it must have the 215i or 220i engine. don't care on colours, or manual or auto, or sunroof or not, leather or cloth or km's really either (so long as it is justified in the price)

i will buy anywhere in australia or tasmania, i don't need rego or rwc or even don't need the car to be running. will buy in any condition, and have upto 20k to spend provided the car is worthy or it.

prefer no real mods, but will still buy one with mods, and pay what they are worth.

i'd obviously prefer low km's, mint conditon with full options and best colour in a manual, but i'm open to anything so please just ask, doesn't cost anything to ask

cheers guys

Matt - 0404304838