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Discussion in 'VL Holden Commodore (1986 - 1988)' started by dibly1980, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. dibly1980

    dibly1980 Guest

    I need the pin that attatches the clutch pedal to the pushrod (located at the top of the pedal inside the car). Mine is so worn that the clutch fully engaged isnt in far enough and the gears grab on the way through. Anyone got one or any ideas?
  2. craigvl038

    craigvl038 Guest

    hey bro where do u live
  3. dibly1980

    dibly1980 Guest

    Hi mate. I live in Mittagong NSW. I was thinking of going to a machinist and getting a replica made but they are usually a bit hesitant due to safety laws and liability. Why do you ask?

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