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wet floor.


Sep 27, 2009
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VR wagon, 5 ltr ski boat, VS ute, VT calais.
Hi Guys, Ive had the wet passenger floor pain for the last 2 weeks. Front and rear were a good sized pool.
Had another try at it today in the break of the rain. :surprise:
The cause was a after maket radio antenna plug and cable.. Ive checked this before and it was seated OK. After removing panels and part of the crash pad. I found it was running down in side the antenna lead.

on closer inspection The lead is an air core type, that means it's not filled with foam in the middle wire just a spider type support.
The antenna was broken off at the base so the plastic cup that goes seals the gaurd was now acting like a funnel. Henc the water comming out of the lead. This will only happen in real heavy rain.

Also the gromet that seals it on the bulk head is the split down the middle type and it wasnt sealed as well so the water was comming through the 1mm split.....
Bit of sillacky gacky and she's done....
Had to be some thing silly......Just time consuming..