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What do you all think of this price wise?

lil lucifer

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Apr 10, 2009
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VY SS 5.7 A4
I was looking surfing through some performance sites and found this package localy in canberra. Seeing as how I cant afford the time away from home and work to travel to syd for the mods I plan on this is looking like a good option. The exhaust price looked a bit heavy. Im going in to see them and have a chat about what parts/brands/specs they use next week. Untill then here is a cut n past of the package option im looking at.

225kW - 235kW (this is what they claim to get from the following mods)
Complete Exhaust System - $2600
Custom Intake - $475
Custom Tune; LS1 Edit - $990

Like I said I dont know what their custom intake is let alone what they use for a complete exhaust system untill I speak with them next week. What I had planned on was a OTRCAI, MAFless tune and exhaust and this i guess is roughly that.lol. Ill post a link to their package page here.... GEN-TECH Automotive & Performance Centre - VX, VT, VY, VZ, VE Commodore, LS1, LS2, L76, L98, GENIII, GENIV, Cold Air Intakes, LS1 Edit, LS2 Edit, Stroker Engines, Exhaust Systems, Brake & Suspension Upgrades.

So yeah, what is the general concensus on this package?