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What next?? advice please

dr seuss

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May 30, 2013
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2003 VY S

My wife runs a 2003 supercharged VY. I came home last night a couple hours after her. She had driven inti the garage and heard a water running sound as hse hopped out of car, looked down to see ever expanding puddle. Then it stopped. She backed out and left car outside.

I checked out puddle (2 hours later) it was coolant,maybe half to one litre,very crappy coolant and soon worked out it was form the overflow bottle.

I checked a few things but was dark and wet and car was now cold.

Next morning , (today) thought maybe bottle bust , no, but discovered they have overflow pipe. Couldnt find any other leaks.

Went and bought some coolant, flush, and radiator cap, came home, topped up dropped flush in and ran for 30 minutes. Discovered old radiator cap leaky. Result!. while waiting slightly concerned about little bit rough idle and white exhaust emmissions though very cold morning. thinking rough idle maybe to airtrapped in cooling system.

flushed system with water twice more, stopped each time after thermostat opened , (top and bottom rad pipes same temp and felt to be flowing)

Finally filled with coolant and ran while checking for leaks and started to bleed air from screw front left at engine end of top rad hose. notisced second fan kick in and rad hoses under alot of pressure , checked gauge and far too hot. I shut down.

let it cool down, and started again, temp stayed fine. Checked for leaks and bled more air.

left it for a few hours as i was busy, and then took for about a 10 k run on open road, temp stayed fine. wispy white smoke though very cold air temp here at mo.

I dont drive this car often so will get the wife to take it for a run tomorrow with me to see what she thinks about roughness.

So I want to rule out damaged gasket etc, how is the best way to test for this? ( have checked for white under oilfiller and dipstick looks fine)

what other checks can I do to reassure myself everything is OK :hmmm:, any comments, thoughts appreciated.