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Why hasn't your thread appeared? - ALL USERS TO READ... NOW!!!!!

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Dec 13, 2003
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Thread hasn't appeared? Read this FAQ for all the information you require.

Why hasn't my thread appeared?

All new threads in this area are moderated.

What does this mean?

Your thread must be check by a moderator to ensure it conforms to our rules and contains all relevant information. (Click here to find the rules)

Relevant information you say, what's that?

All threads must must contain the all the information found in this guide for a whole car or this guide for parts, miscellaneous or wanted threads.

Ok, I have submitted my thread with all the details correct, how long will it take to get approved?

Approval can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. It simply depends on whether or not the forum is check by a moderator.

Can I speed this process up?

No, moderators are not online 24/7 and are not here to serve you. PMing a moderator or starting a thread in the Feedback section WILL NOT get your thread approved quicker.

What will happen if I PM a moderator about this?

Your PM will go unanswered and you will have just wasted your time.

If my thread is deleted can I get all the information back?

No, you should have posted it correctly the first time.

Why have you done this?

We have found that most users were not using the guides and submitting threads with absolutely no information on their item. This way we can make sure that the potential buyers have all the facts directly from the seller before making a decision to purchase through the forums.

My thread still hasn't appeared after 4 days, where is it?

Your thread probably did not conform to the rules and has been removed.
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