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winding back the counter



G'day all. I'm new to this site, well I've been reading for about 2 months and thought it was about time to have an input. dunno if this has been talked about, but does anyone know if there is an easy way to tell if your km counter has been tampered with. I just bought a VS series 3 ute with only 60,00km's on the clock. I had a good look over the car and it is in superb condition but less than 10,000 a year just doesn't sound right. too late now I guess but I definitely don't regret the buy. the engine is quiet without an out of place sound and the interior hasn't been abused either. any thoughts anyone?


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Mar 21, 2005
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in short, yeah they can be stuffed with...

could be right, could be wrong. are you only the second owner? because is if has been traded before then the k's should have been logged with your traffic authority (vicroads here - not sure of the name up there...)
if its been traded before with higher k's than its got now then they would notice and alarm bells SHOULD ring, though they might not either.

id say if you got a good clean vehicle, runs well and everything seems good, keep up with the regular servicing and hold the belief you have a genuine low k vehicle.

regular servicing will show you the problems that would come with the ute having higher k's, and if they dont happen then youre on a winner!