WM Caprice SUB AND AMP help


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Hey guys, just got myself a new car and the bass is horrid that's the only thing about the sound that i don't like.

I Don't know a lot about audio but my old man does. He thinks we can take the audio from the stock subs and use that as my amps audio in.

In the back of my car i have the battery and 2 8" subs (STOCK). with the subs i can see the audio going in the speakers(i'v got a pic for what im talking about)

So what i was wondering is if i can get a sub and amp combo and basically just take the audio from the subs (stock ones) and feed that into the amp ?

here is the pic.

thanks in advanced.




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As above, make sure amp has speaker or "line in" inputs, also a lot of new amps have auto on and off meaning the signal through the speaker wires will automatically turn the amp on, and it shuts down 60 secs after last signal (as in a minute after the stereo turns off).
Saves running signal wires :)
Some people have said swapping the + and - on the factory subs in the ve over makes them sound louder. I personally haven't tried it considering it costs nothing mightn't hurt to try and you may like the sound.


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Changing the stock speakers was very beneficial in the doors. It improved the sound quite a bit and also made it a little louder. I think I’ll be putting in seperate subs and an amp for the bass.
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