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WTB: Someone wrecking a LS1 ute or S/C6

Discussion in 'Swap / Wanted to Buy / Trade' started by OZ38, Jul 22, 2006.

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    WTB: Someone wrecking a LS1 ute or S/C6 ?


    I need part of the wiring from someone wrecking a LS1 VU - VY ute or a VT - VY supercharged V6 sedan.

    Both vehicles have a fuel pump controller in two different locations. The LS1 has it on the rear steel panel behind the seat, in the middle between the seats under the lining about shoulder height when sitting. The sedans have it on the boot side steel work panel behind the rear seats.

    I want as much of the wiring and plug that plugs into the fuel pump control module as I can get.
    It must be part of the main wiring loom I gather and not a separate loom and plug. Would like to get the section out of a LS1 wreck but if not will settle for the same from a sedan SUPER6

    PM me if you can help out with this.


  2. blitzem

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