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[VIC] WTB Starter motor to suit VC Blue motor 202.


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Jul 9, 2005
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East of Melbourne
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VX SS (Original owner).
I am after a starter motor to fit a 202 Blue motor VC, I have taken out the old one it is a Lucas starter motor, but I think some also have a Bosch,
I can get a new one for around $200 or a reco for around $160, but as it is only a second car run around I am a bit reluctant to blow $200 on a car that is maybe only worth $500, I can get a secondhand one from a wreckers for $40 but it was a prick of a job getting the old one out, so I don't want to put a dud back in only to have to do the job again, I was hoping maybe some one was wrecking a 202 and knew the condition of the starter motor on the car so I didn't end up with a dud secondhand one.