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WTB: VS SS Front Bumper Skirt & S-pac Spoiler. Will swap for VS Statesman fron skirt.


Jul 17, 2005
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'12 SS V Z Series Manaul Sportwagon
Hi guys...

I'm in the process of putting a SS Kit onto my VS. I've managed to get the Side Skirts, the 3 Back bar skirts & the fog light Bezels. My dad owns a panel shop so it just took an hour of looking and scrounging around to find all the bits and peices...so I got it all for free...hehe...just rubbing it all back and preping them for paint. I'm not putting on the SS spoiler I'm going to put on a VS S-pac spoiler...looks nicer I think.

ITEM: Anyway, what I cannot seem to find anywhere is the front bumper bar skirt so if anyone has one or knows where I can get one...PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP! I'm desperate. LOL. I am also still looking for a VS S-Pac boot spoiler if anyone has one. I found a VS Statesman Front skirt in pretty good condition if anyone wants that I could swap it for the skirt I want or whatever...

LOCATION: VICTORIA, Melbourne (Western Suburbs)

CONDITION: I do not care what colour it is and I do not care if its scratched either...just as long as there are no cracks...as I said...dad owns a panel shop.

DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pickup if not too far away but also willing to pay postage or COD.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Would pay either by Bank Deposit, Paypal, Money Order, COD whatever...

CONTACT DETAILS: Email: [email protected], PM Me or just reply to the post.

OTHER INFO: Hope there is someone out there that can help me out...OH ALSO! if anyone has a set of VS SS Fog Lights or know where I could get a pair...WOULD MAKE MY DAY!

Cheers, Joe:thumbsup: