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[VIC] WTB: VT-VZ Doors - White


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Nov 11, 2003
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WK LS1 Statesman
Looking for a RHF and a RHR door to suit a VX.
anything from VT through to VZ will fit so it doesnt matter what it comes from.
Door MUST be white (Jo73) and should be straight with good paint.
1 or 2 shopping trolley dents are fine but no bigger than that.
Door trims are NOT required but it would be preferred if the rest of the door was complete and had electric windows.
i can send you back the electric window winders (from my doors that these are replacing) if you need them.
I am located in Warrnambool so local would be good but if your willing to courier from Melbourne, then VicFast Couriers will accept them for about $55 delivered to my door (they may even pick up from your address too??).

I also have a spare RHR door in white which is complete but is a manual window winder.
If anyone is interested, i would like to SWAP this for a White LHR door in the same dent free complete condition (for my GF's car).