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02 VY SS Commodore

General Information

02 VY SS Commodore, approx 187thou kms. 2nd owner, Made 255kw at wheels, easy potential for more - hiflo cats, and 3.7/3.9 diff (which i have) should run low 11's (according to pwr torque.) Gets good fuel economy on highway so i didnt want to change that fact.

Let it run outta rego and tucked it away in the shed, still fun as ever when i give it a run every so often 

Strengthened 4L60E with 3500 stall (Precise automatics) PWR trans cooler,

Tuned by PowerTorque (Walkenshaw)

VCM 3 cam(228 / 232 0.597” 112 LSA) ,

VCM OTR (maffless), Rebuilt 3.45 LSD Diff, HSV extractors, ported heads, Comp Cam lifters, Lunati double valve springs, Manley pushrods, ARP Balancer bolt, ARP head bolts, Rollmaster double row timing chain, new GM oil pump, new GM Rad, O2 sensors etc Cam done @ approx 165thou kms, reciepts for every $ spent.

Still a good fun tidy toy to have tucked away.


I wonder what kinda money it would be worth now days if i were to put it on the market?

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