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1991 Holden Commodore

General Information

Named after Pamela ANDERSON: Both were hot as in 1991 and still are to this day, both are white, both pack it, both have been around, both drive men crazy, and both go off if touched right.

She left the factory with a 5L V8 ("UNL") motor, an Auto, IRS, and power front windows.

Unsure as to what mods she has, and what is aftermarket and what was original as she came without documentation but in her current form she has:

5L V8 (excellent condition)
3.45 LSD
HSV OTR and Airbox
Headers (unsure if factory or after market)
2.5" exhaust (unsure about cat)

The fuel system looks different to other VP 304s that I've seen.

She seems lowered and has 18" VY SS rims with 235/40/R18s which are 8.5" wide and very grippy.

I myself do not like rims, but I do appreciate the extra grip: she's barely manageable as is, if she had her original 14/"15" rims with 6" wide tyres she'd be uncontrollable.

Unsure if motor is completely stock, her fuel system looks a bit different.

She is a great drive, sounds like a beast, flies like the wind, but is very dangerous in the wet.

The motor was rebuilt recently, was told around the 270s but I have no documentation. I bought her as a project car.

I have spent $5000 fixing various issues such as suspension, rear cradle, idle issue, and the usual tyres etc.


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