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1994 Holden Commodore

  • Had a second hand set of tyres (found them at work) which i swapped a mate for a set of 18in lenzos then had a bloke swap me them for his car. So i thought ive had it 6 months and its was stolen for a bit, got it back, now its just sitting there. Better get to work. So its got:
    Ds airbag, abs, lovel heavy duty springs with pedders heavy duty shocks, extractors, 2 1/2in exhaust with high flow cat and center muffler, 65mm throttle body, **** sound system, 16in stato rims i think and nulothane rubbers everywhere.
    Things wrong:
    Needs new leads coil packs fuses, ignition barrel (thanks assholes). Flange gaskets, tranny service, inlet manifold gasket, thermostat, power steering pump, windscreen, fix instrument cluster, wheel bearings, sound system.
    What ive done so far b4 becoming a member:
    Coil packs, flange gaskets and rubbers, wheel bearings, ignition barrel, crappy but better sony xplode headdeck, windscreen, powersteering pump
    Things i bought, just waiting to fit:
    Vx clubby front and rear bar, vs clubby sideskirts and spoiler, sl lovel springs, vy ss 17in rims, tranny service kit, vrs kit.
    All up so far she owes me $450 :)

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