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1997 Holden Commodore

  • This is my 1997 VS Commodore white S2. Just a pretty stock commodore at the moment. Nothing special. Just thought I'd post it up before I did anything major to it.

    Current mods

    Red back cat back exhaust (nothin special)
    Converted to a t5 manual
    3.08 LSD

    Full leather Calais interior
    Line of wood grain across dash
    Level 3 cluster
    Calais wheels
    Front pedders gas shocks and springs (not sure on size. Gonna just cut them soon anyway)
    Cut rear springs

    Still to come:
    SS Lower lip kit getting painted (be installed by the end of the month)
    Calais S2 front bumper with fog lights (SS With extra front insert)[getting painted aswell]
    Calais interior lights
    Ve ss wheels (just need to be drilled out)
    S PAC rear lip spoiler
    New drivers guard and back door (dent and scrape on them)
    SS Red moulds (waiting for the body kit to be finished)
    Gas rear shocks
    Stage 2 cam and computer.

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