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1999 Holden by Default Vt ss 195i

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1999 195i HoldenbyDefault SS manual


Bought it 4 years ago to build a mongrel, serviced it (spark plugs, washable air filter, reco power steer pump and all new hoses, reco alternator, new PCV and hoses, relocated coil away from engine, NEW ignition module, tailshaft damper, New rotors and pads, NEW water pump, shift linkage bushings, NEW rotor button and cap, NEW rear shocks and cleaned the air flow meter) drove it daily for 2.5 years without fault, love it as is (unmodified), so now a factory restoration is in progress.. (have quite a bit of NOS stashed away for it)
will keep posting pics as i go for anyone who shares a common interest in the ol aussie 5.0l
At the moment i am restoring the original HSV stainless steel 2.25in dual exhaust. (checkout the pics, let me know what you think) Heavily tarnished but was able to remove it all with ease by soaking sections at a time in white vinegar !!! and lightly rubbing with scotch pad (best method of cleaning stainless, works like magic)
Was going to polish as was after removing tarnish but have now begun wet and dry sanding as many of the imperfections as i can... (crazy I am)
The HSV headers are going in for HPC, the rest of the system will be polished
i have heard too many times :
1) All vt 5.0l were 195i
2) the only difference between 179i & 195i are exhaust manifolds
3) 195i aren't as tough as earlier 304s
4) 'holden' 195i is not the same as HSV 195i
Here is what i have learned from very thorough research and first hand experience gained from owning and working on a 195i..
HSV 195i 304 'roller cam' STROKER CLEARANCED 195kw @ 5200, 430nm @ 3600
All 195i are HSV engines, some were installed in holdens
To have this combo in a Holden, the XX3 option box had to be ticked making said vehicle a Holden by Default.. HbD had many many option variations, mostly interior dress up and body kits. Wheels too
Exhaust; Stainless steel, Full system, 4 into 1 headers, 2.25in dual HSV 'low restriction' system (check out the pics of the ORIGINAL system from my SS) Not sure if all were free of rear resonator but mine runs the dual 2.25in into a 3in single section for the last two foot no res ( not the only 195i I have seen like it ).
Block; yes hydraulic roller lifters and cam grind to suit ( see crow cams I think !! for 195i 220i replacement cam ), no roller rockers people lifters only.. Heard that 1 a few times..lol
Roller lifters require a thicker casting around the lifter bores ( ask C.O.M.E about roller camming a vn 304 !! ), all later holden 304s with roller lifters are no different in this aspect
If you do you own research you will find HSV casting has slightly thicker webbing around the bottom of the block and underside of the deck because ALL HSV 304s are STROKER CLEARANCED, HSV did 1 block 2 cranks 304 & Harrop 350..
Intake; HSV CAI, 75mm Air flow meter (not sure if holden 304 is the same there ?? )
ECU; Run 'o' the mill Delco with HSV 195i tune for 98 octane... once ran mine on 95, felt flat till 3000rpm

Hope this is found to be informative
As for strength of these old v8s.. see what Leon Vincenzi of autospeed thinks of em,
Iron blocks are tough as nails, the way they are driven and maintained makes a world of difference..
Mine has 230,000km still unopened, frequently and correctly serviced, never had oiling or oil pressure issues that so many report.. Pulling it down now due to a slight leak from the timing cover, Not even big enough of a leak to require top ups between services, I am just a little obsessive
Using liquimoly engine protect makes a massive difference, best insurance for a 304 in my mind
Its not a chevy..... makes 430nm @ 3600rpm no need to hold it to 5000rpm unless its built for it !

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