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2001 Holden Commodore

  • 3.73 LSD
    Factory sunroof
    VZ rear cradle w/ toe links
    Slotted front and rear brake rotors
    Custom CAI
    Superpro adjustable strut brace
    Monroe lowered GT sport shocks
    Super low King Springs all round
    Nolathane here there and everywhere
    Stock exhaust, No rear muffler
    Custom painted interior (black/blue/silver vinyl)
    Black Vinyl roof lining and trimmings
    Covered behind all carpet and trimmings in butyl rubber/aluminium sound deadener, foam, mass loaded vinyl, and thermal insulation
    Dual 12" subs
    x2 amplifiers
    Dual 4guage wiring setup
    Always serviced, always looked after

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