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2003 Holden Hsv

5.7 Litre LS1
Holden|VY Adventra LX8

General Description

Hi there ive just purchased a2003 s2 R8 got all paper work for the vehicle from new as the first person was a GM Store owner I have got the HSV313 personal plates very sound car but want to push it a little being the 285
I have a engine that runs like a dream with the ss induction kits
have found some fundamental things wrong with it but still got a good buy

things i need attention on is the tail shaft firstly
then the cv /driveshafts need replacing
has good flow in the radiator fresh oil every 8to 10 thousand kms trans fluid is fresh as shifts hard diff is tight as and cherps sidways with the second gear shift being an auto
just changed the diff oil as it was a bit like clay water and put new plugs and 10 mm leads

after the tailshaft and rear axels are replaced and it has its PWR trans cooler fitted i should be ready to do the front
But can not wait to do the maffles tune and auto trans tune and see what it can do on the dyno with the growler air intake kit it sucks hard and should go good

Has anyone got any recommendations on a cam and supercharger kit to suit after im happy everything is running well after the tune

Be in mind i have only just bought this car in the last 6 months and it had been sitting in a garage for nearly 15 months doing very minimal kms


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