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2005 Holden Sv6

General Information

Motor: 190 Alloytec (180xxx)

Gearbox: 5-speed auto w/paddle shift

Diff: Stock LSD

Suspension: King Springs SL in the front and King Springs SSL in the rear

Rims: 20" Zinik Risso, looking to get VE E1 GTS rims or something in black soon
Tossing up between orange, white or red walled tyres (opinions?)

Two tone orange over blue paint with a chrome pinstripe
Engine bay parts painted in orange with rainbow sparkles through it, engine covers, fusebox and air intake although I'm not running the engine covers at the moment
VZ SS front lights
VZ SS rear lights
VZ Calais chrome boot garnish, chrome door handles and chrome window surrounds
Factory Sunroof

Interior: Custom orange and black leather "SS" seats
Black headlining and plastic conversion
Various interior plastics painted orange
Blue LED interior lights
Not really relevant but I have one of those mad smelling california scent tins, makes the car smell like a giant cherry, definitely would recommend - the chicks love the smell

Sound system: Pioneer AVH-3300bt Double Din DVD headunit
Alpine PDX 4100 amplifier
Hertz HCX 690 Split 6x9's
Cadence ZRS Split 6" in front and rear doors
Boot and doors lined with duramat

Mods definitely coming soon: Boss Airbags bolt in bag kit for the rear (small kit I know but you've gotta start somewhere right!)
HID kit, angel eyes and daytime running led strip for the front lights
An extra subwoofer dedicated amplifier and a dual subwoofer set up
35% window tint
Blue LED footwell lights
Chrome bonnet and boot strip
Calais style boot lip
Roof/rear window spoiler
(all to be done by Christmas time)VZ SS fluted front guards
Rear bar resprayed due to a little bit of damage
6-speed manual conversion w/diff gears though I'm not sure what gears I should go, what are people's thoughts/experiences?
(however these mods will definitely be next years job)


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