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2007 Holden Sv6 ute

  • -3:46 m80 diff fully rebuilt with HD BEARINGS FROM USA!
    -excedy HD SMF KIT
    -6-speed manual with custom short shifter
    -25mm Mace manifold spacers
    -Mace cold air intake box with 3" drift air filter
    -pacemaker extractors / 2x 2.25" venom stainless steal cats / twin 2.5" Berkeley pex cat back with 2 centre mufflers into single 3" piping from near diff back no tip! ( a system made for sound not power )
    -20" black and red wheels ( brand unknown )
    -ssl in front, sl in rear ( could be the lower size in front and back but can't remember atm lol
    -slotted and dimple drilled front rotors with bendex ultimate pads, standed rear stuff just new OEM
    -red and black marble 4BLOK interior kit!
    -pioneer double did head unit with 2x 1400w 12" kenwood subs ( 1 behind each seat ) powered by a tiny 1250w Monoblock boss amp, upgraded rest of speakers in door and dash but not shore of brand lol need a bigger amp but it still pumps so much harder then most systems around :)
    -LED FRONT AND BACK head and tail lights
    -custom painted front grills shhh!
    -black and red number plates BHR-11N not shore if it's ment to say anything as it was on the ute wen I got it 2 years ago and I just changed plate colors.
    -Dyno'd 143.7 RWKW in 4th gear!! just under 200rwhp could of been better if the day was cooler and cars radiator was doing its job properly lol
    - could have left something's out but I'll update soon enough :)

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