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2010 Holden Ssv

General Information

Phantom Black/ onyx black leather 2010 SSV Special Edition
aka ,The Pontiac G8GT, one of the last and best cars we ever export/ed .

United P100 fuel and Penrite 10/10ths 10w-40 oil

Wheels : Lexani LSS10, forged allloy monoblock rims, light weight and strong) the rears are 10x20 , offset 40. and 8.5x20 offset 23 upfront: great flush fit .new pics soon.

tyres Falken FK452s, 275/30 , and Falken FK452s 245/35 front

Polished Billet alloy front grilles from the USA
rear window roof spoiler
Led park lights and Led revers lights
shorty ariel
led turn signal light mirror covers
Plus 120 hi beams

Sliding console armrest

rear mufflers deleted ,J Pipes added.
VE HSV tri y Extractors, the oem primary welds cleaned up ported out .
standard Hsv cats
Walkinshaw CAI, rear mufflers deleted , rapid exhausts adjustable Helmholtz resonators/ J-pipes fitted
No Drone ! Sounds epic when pushed but still quiet cruising.

Camaro hi capacity tramission sump with wide mouth filter.

Subwoofers reverse phase and amp gain mod.

engine and auto Tuned.


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