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2015 Holden Vf ssv sportswagon

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I am a proud owner of the last Model Holden built here in Australia the VF, the only flaw I have found is that the Mylink System can not have the Sat Nav installed on it.

On my first service of the vehicle I asked them to also install the Sat Nav program into my current Mylink System, they said it was not possible unless I brought a Complete New Mylink System that would cost me around $3,000 + Instillation of the new unit.

I know they have Aftermarket Sat Nav's that could be installed, But I would like to use Genuine Holden Programs due to being a new car and still under warranty.

This is the only flaw I have come across so far while owning the VF Series Vehicle


Here is the best solution, and its the same price, but better. Alpine have specifically made the following for the VF
Alpine X901D-VF
I purchased mine last week, and had it professionally installed, and gives you large screen, new facia, and SatNav, DAB, and HDMI and all the things you would expect from Alpine.

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