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  1. S

    Vt commodore rear tail lights and brake lights not working!!!

    Hey guys, I've tried checking the fuses to the rear parkers and brake lights and I replaced them, I also have changed the globes but it's still not working. Does anybody have any ideas of what this problem could be? My licence plate lights and reverse lights are still working.
  2. BigBoss

    Red LED break lights?

    Hey all, I have ebay ssv tail lights and they look pink!!! To fix this i was thinking of replacing the bulbs with red LED lights but i have a problem.... the stock bulbs have 2 filaments and I'm struggling to find LEDs that have this duel function. Any suggestions?
  3. L

    Serpentine Belt Disintegrating

    Just had heads on VT done up & replaced them ourselves. Engine is running fine, but car has shredded two serpentine belts in quick succession (original & then new replacement). The belt is disintegrating longitudinally and there is a strange mark along the back of the whole belt where it is...