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disc pads

  1. J

    What brand of brakes best suit a VY?

    I had a series 2 VE in manual and after 4 years the brakes still had about 80% left (I know engine braking would have helped). I now have a series 2 VY Calais Auto (3.8L S) and need to change the brakes but I'm hearing that most brakes only last about 10,000kms. Is this because of the way the...
  2. kswenson

    Bedding in VR disc brakes problem

    I have just replaced all four rotors and pads on my VR executive, but they just don't seem to be bedding in. I ftted DBA standard rotors and Bendix Stealth pads, but the car just doesn't want to stop. All have been fitted properly and the calipers etc are working properly. I have now done...