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  1. nickkp

    Under hood cleaning

    hey guys, been trying for a while now to clean under the hood of my Vn, used degreasers, car wash, scrubbing everything, but so far nothing works and I'm always left with these dirt marks and spots all over it (pics below). Also this was my grandpas car and has not been washed for 20 years...
  2. C

    VR Statesman bonnet stuck please help!!!

    Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle....... The bonnet cable has broken / become detached right at the latch. Pulling the cable from inside the car does nothing. I have tried getting at it from underneath without success. Does anyone have any ideas??? (without using a grinder?) To add to...
  3. 1

    [VIC] WTB: vt hood/bonnet and front bar/bumper

    ITEM: a commodore vt bonnet and also a front bumper. would preferably be blue but not desperate as can be coloured LOCATION: victoria, goulburn valley CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: around the $80 mark each, as can be bought for $100 off ebay DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pick up...
  4. Rolla_Rolla'

    VN Front Bumper Saggin - HELP !

    Please delete mods