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  1. 2002 Vy Commodore, Wagon

    2002 Vy Commodore, Wagon

    SS front bar. SS side skirts. Stock rear bar with a custom lip. SS headlights. SS grille. Painted by my dad and myself in DNA Candy Paints Violet Thunder, with different purls and base coats to make it one of a kind. Aftermarket taillights which I actually ordered by accident. :') Recently...
  2. L

    Lew155 vz ss 6l

    Hey guys and girls New to this forum so here is my ride Its a 2006 VZ SS 6L with a 6speed manual Its been on the dyno with 262KW Has 2.5 dual exhaust with pacies, high flow cats but dunno what brand they were already on the car. Alloy OTR intake and maffless tune done at...

    Painted VT boot garnish pics

    Hey guys, Looking to colour code paint my vt boot garnish, can't afford the whole vx and repaint and install and stuff. Anyone know how much that'd cost to get professionally painted? Also can someone show me some pics of there's if they have done it? thanks very much