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performance chip

  1. Revhigh

    VZ V6 Alloytec 190 SV6 & Executive 175 Stealth Controllers (Throttle Boosters)

    For the VZ V6 guys that are sick of throttle lag, these suit the Holden VZ V6 High Feature Alloytec now. Revhigh Checkout the reviews on our facebook page!! :) https://www.facebook.com/revhigh.obsessions.5/?fref=ts
  2. K

    want to install chiptorque EXED processor into vt series 1

    I have bought this off ebay and wish to install it myself if easy or have it installed. I would go to chiptorque but im in W.A. can anyone help?
  3. Y

    VS Manual V6 Performace overhaul please

    just bought a new toy VS V6 Manual sedan tad iffy on KM's @300,000km put put tho never been flogged solid service history looking at at so AIR INTAKE -70mm TB, - intake manifold (spacers? bored out? new designed one?), Cold air intakes? HEADS - cams? rockers ?(1.95) rods ? lifters?, biggger...
  4. B

    VT performance questions! HELP NEEDED.

    I have a stock VT V6 Executive. The usual exterior/interior mods. Just looking at a few things to increase performance for a cheap price? (Like everybody else, I know.) I am on my P's, also. I'm going to be getting the exhaust, extractors, hi flow cat etc. done soon. What are peoples...
  5. mrc25381

    Performance chips

    Can anyone tell me a bit about performance chips? How they work, where they go, how much power is increased, are they fuel economical, etc etc..
  6. J

    Do the performance chips on ebay actually work????

    As the title says, im just wondering if the chips on ebay actually work. They say that they add up to 15kw's but is that true? Just wanted to hear from some people on this because i know you can get chips done, but that costs a fortune, so seeing if this cheap option works :)
  7. Wadeo..

    performance chip/cold air intake for my 3.8L VN

    hey guys, was wondering where the best place would be for me to get a performance chip for my car, ive been looking on ebay, and i think ive found a decent one from "goldcoastperformance" for about $150. and is it worth it getting a K&N pod air filter installed, presuming i buy a cover for it...