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  1. J

    Where to purchase Di Filippo (Manta Pro Series) Exhausts in SA?

    Hi, I’m looking at doing a complete intake and exhaust haulover/repair/dyno with my VF Series 1 VF (L77 Engine). I’ve already got a crap Chinese OTR CAI and factory sports exhaust fitted, but want to really go all the way I can to improve performance/sound beforeI give it a new cam and dyno...
  2. F

    Budget of $10-$13000 commodore/Would u buy a Melbourne car

    hi all I looking at buying a car for around $12000 mark since i live in country nsw/vic border there's not much around been looking on carsales.com.au the difference between country prices and Melbourne prices is huge. plus I think on the internet is like 2% of cars for sale anyway...
  3. I

    Need Purchase advice please :)

    Hi all. Im looking at buying a 1998 VS III Statesman and i would like some advice from ya'll about what you guys think, common problem, what to look for and whether or not i should go for it. I've found one that fits my budget perfectly. Heres a link of the car im after. 1998 HOLDEN...
  4. N

    Differance Between 05 VZ Clubsport & 05 Clubsport R8

    g'day guys .. im looking at purchasing a 05 VZ Clubsport R8, and im wondering what's the exact difference between the upgrade of R8 and Stock Clubsport other than price. I know there's like leather seats, gauges , larger wheels larger brakes & sport'er suspension, you see well this is what i...