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  1. C

    Stolen VY Maloo II. some questions i have, need help

    Hey all, was going to post this on hsv forum but i'm having a lot of trouble with registering. My beloved Black Maloo Y series r8 was stolen from bankstown Saturday morning. number plate GO7ONE (previous owners plate) Was going to meet the guy in the centro shopping centre carpark for an...
  2. D

    Stolen Car - White VS Commodore - Please Read

    Hey guys. My mates car was stolen over night in the Croydon area, between 11pm Sunday 24/01 and 6am Monday 25/01. White VS Commodore, plates were LT1987. I know this is a long shot, but i've started a group on facebook. Hopefully we get to enough people that someone knows something...
  3. V

    VY Commodore Broken into :( !!!!!!!!!NO ALARM ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had some f*&#ing lowlife bastard break into my car at a shopping centre carpark, put a brick through the back drivers side window, Stolen: Sony DVD XAV-W1 Media Centre Head unit Ipod adapter for sony head unit Ipod Classic 120GB Neon lighting kit What bothers me the most is the fact...