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v8 conversion

  1. LetterioCaruso

    VZ v6 to 6 litre conversion

    Hi all just wanting some help in regards to fitting a 6 litre into my VZ V6 Sedan. Before I start getting just sell it and buy a v8 I completely agree with you that it’s heaps easier but due to sentimental family reasons results in why I want to do the conversion. I have a 6 litre engine out of...
  2. mitchj109

    VE Calais V8 Conversion

    I'm thinking about converting my 07 VE Calais V6 to a V8. What's some of the steps that I will have to take? Not rushing into anything, just want to get an idea on how hard and pricey it would be. Thanks :)
  3. Satkinson

    Vl v8 conversion

    Hey i have dropped a 308 into my vl with a quadrajet and a th350 gear box and need some help on wiring it all up does anybody have a wiring diagram for this? cheers
  4. Jezmont

    v8 conversion

    Hey all, Im in the process of converting my recently seized V6 3.8 on my VR to a V8 and just looking for some advice or guidance. I've read up on heaps of other posts but wanted to see if there were different perspectives. Firstly, I know most people will say dont waste your money and all...