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vp wagon

  1. v6nutz_2012

    VT S/C to tow VP wagon?

    Hey guys, I am planning on buying a 2000 VT super six (manual, only 135000 on the clock) but was curious if it would be any good to tow my VP wagon to shows (it's becoming a dedicated sound-off car). The wagon will weigh around 2 ton when finished. Any input is appreciated :)
  2. T

    First car VP wags

    Hey, Got a Vp wagon MODS: lowered with super lows all round 2x darkest legal tint 18" VY GTS wheels 2.5" redback catback complete sound system setup 2 sony 1000w explode subs 600w sony explode amp stage 2 shitfkit Cold air intake under front bumper Full Engine Reco what would you choose...
  3. T

    Quick cashie for someone

    hey guys, i have a holden vp wagon, baught a supercharger for it, baught it off a guy that had it installed on the same engine as mine, he sayed its as easy as 2 bolts, i had a look at it seems pretty simple. im just not confident on the whole fanbelt part, will pay someone $200 on completion...
  4. T

    VP wagon recomendations

    hey guys i got a factory fitted vp statesman wagon, with the body kit, all the statesman interior n **** appart from seats, i have a cold air intake, lowered to the **** and wanted good recomendations for my car, cheers, leave your thoughts