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vt exhaust

  1. M

    Vt extractor questions

    Hey, I have Vt wagon v6 with a lukey cat back 2.5 inch exhaust with two mufflers, I like the note it has when your driving around at about 3000 rpm it just sounds nice and doesn't really drone too bad. But it has no take off noise like if you put the foot down it is quite then when you get to...
  2. C

    vt pacemakers

    Few months ago a guy sold me pacemakers claiming to be vt v6 pacemakers (5059) was going to put them on then was wondering how they joined to the exhaust, so I checked the part number (5009) and found out it was for a vn-vr :( was wondering if it would still bolt onto the engine and I could...
  3. M

    vt exec exahaust

    hi everyone eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d was just wondering if anyone has put a redback twin 2.5" exhaust on a standard executive, was wondering if i brought the cat back exhaust (above) would it fit straight on with a set of extractors or would it be worth...

    [QLD] Dual outlets on vt v6 performance

    quick question, couldn't find my answer anywhere. Stock V6 VT with exhaust outlet on each side, both pipes being 2.5 inch and left exhaust outlet going around fuel tank. Will this setup lower the performance because it has two 2.5" pipes instead of the sinlge i have at the moment...