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06 rodeo no power


Sep 6, 2013
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Glen Innes NSW 2370
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Hi guys, need a lot of help here
I recently purchased an 06 Rodeo twin can 3.0 turbo, got 171k on it supposed to have been service at the regular intervals.
Thing is its got no power, I purchased it in Sydney on Friday just gone and coming home its quite hilly and I was back to 2 and 3rd gears , I am 600klms from Sydney so it was a slow trip. It doesn;t want to get over 2000 revs, if you move the floor mats you can get about 2300revs
I had a holden mechanic look at it today, we done the scan check, no fault codes
Checked the Maf sensor, works fine
Cleaned the air flow sensor and eventually swapped it of a mates , it didn;t make any difference
We did however find a ball bearing in a vacuum hose that feed the VGR valve, which wasn;t working, but is now, no better however
Turbo appears to be functioning ok
I was told that the vehicle had just had a $700 service done on it, silly me didn;t get the paper work.
Anyway I picked the car up Friday travelled the 600klm shome and then went to Brisbane which ended up wacking another 900klms on the clock
I didn't bother to check the oil level when I was in Sydney as I could see that the filters had recently been changed, but checking today there wasn't any oil showing on the dipstick, nothing
I topped it up which took about 1.5 litres.
Whats got me wondering is the oil consumption the cause of the power loss, there is absolutely no smoke whats so ever coming from the rear of the vehicle, there is no oil residue anywhere at the rear of the vehicle, the exhaust is dry and hardly smells.
There is a leak around the gasket at bottom of motor.
Old mate that I got the vehicle from said he just got the service done but who knows how long ago
So what else can I do to find the power loss and whats the go with the oil
help me out guys