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2008 VE OMEGA (finally back in a holden !!)


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Aug 15, 2005
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hey guys, finally back in a Holden after giving ford a shot i now know what the differences are now

list of Holden’s owned in order of year of manufacture

1983 wb statesman Deville
1988 vn 5spd manual v6
1995 vs ute
1996 vs executive
1998 vs 5l statesman
1999 vt executive
2001 vx acclaim
2003 vy berlina
2003 vy 25th anniversary
2007 vz acclaim wagon

had a ba xr8 and a ba futura the xr8 i sold probably less than 6 months of ownership the futura kept for 2 and a half years and within that time frame it deteriorated extremely quickly as opposed to what ive experienced with the Holden’s i owned.

i only have the dealer pics at the moment but i want to spend a bit of time on the weekend detailing it to try and get rid of swirl marks from machine buffing

2008 Ve omega 56 thousand k's full service history few months left on new car warranty, first of the series to have factory alloys and a heap of air bags