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5 Channel Amp

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by lairdy, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. lairdy

    lairdy Guest

    I can get a five channel 1100w US audio amp from a friend of mine for $250. However, i have 4 X 220w 6" sony 3-ways and 2 X sony 12" 1200w subs.

    I know that the amp will not be enough to power the whole system and was wondering if i could hook it up to just the four speakers and leave one channel unused. Or maybe hook 4 of the channels up tp to the 2 subs.

    I will get another amp if i do this, eithor an amp for the subs or for the speakers depending on the best way to hook it up.

    Is it worth me getting the 5 channel? Or should i just go out and buy two new amps?
  2. dumpd6

    dumpd6 Guest

    whats running your subs???

    id say hook your subs up to the amp and then your front speakers aswell.. it doesnt matter if one channel doesnt get used
  3. xstatic

    xstatic New Member

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    Oct 26, 2003
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    i think you should hook the amp up to the 2 subs and leave it like that, i hear you asking y.

    1 = if you hook up the subs and the coxials outta the amp they all get equal power. Subs need alot more power then coxials do to thump them as hard as they thump.

    2 = you don't need such a powerfull amp to drive coxials, get another 2 channel amp to drive them.

    just what i would do.

    it all boils down to what you want, you won't get such a good amp to thump your subs that cheap.



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