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88 VN Calais wont start

Discussion in 'Electrical Wiring / Questions' started by jrod_666, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. jrod_666

    jrod_666 Guest

    gday, first time on a site like this and i know jack all about cars. heres wats happenin. MY CAR WONT START. everythin runs fine as far as i know except the spark plugs. fuel pump efi and starter motor all work but no spark. wat could it be??? i was reading a post b4 and someone was saying that if ur ignition is screwed or sumthin then ull get no spark. my car was stolen so yeh my ignition is screwed. any hints tips or solutions would be fantastic. oh by the way, to narrow it down i also know its not the computer or the wiring harness that goes to the coil pack. as far as i figure its the coil pack, leads or spark plugs. dunno u's tell me. cheers
  2. timmy_tam

    timmy_tam New Member

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    Aug 14, 2005
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    VN calais 91
    try this
    take the battery terminals off and give them a good clean

    i had a humming noise once, and it turned out to be crap clogged up on the negative terminal

    and sorry for your loss man, i had my car stolen too

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