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Bear and Rabbit


Wazza VN
May 28, 2008
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VZ 6ltr ute, VP Calais and HJ Prem
I know, there's too many genie jokes. This ones my favorite though.

There's a bear and a rabbit walking through the woods having a bit of a chat about their day. All of a sudden the bear trips on something. "oww" he says then looks back. It's an old lamp then and suddenly a genie appears!

The genie says "you woke me from my sleep, you both get 3 wishes each!" "oooh" says the bear "then I wish all the bears in this forest were female except me" the genie says "granted!" the rabbit says "i want a cool little Harley I can ride around, with flames painted on it" granted! The bear thinks for a minute then says "i better play it safe, I wish all the bears in this country were female!" Granted! The rabbit says "i want a cool jacket and helmet with flames on it, to go with the Harley" granted! The bear thinks again "hmmm what if I ever want to travel? Well, I wish all the other bears in the world were female!! Granted! The rabbit thinks for a second "I wish the bear was gay" he says, then rides off.