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bit of an issue


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Dec 25, 2010
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Holden Commodore VT
Hey fellas,

Any comments or responses are much appreciated.

So a day ago i flushed my radiator and got a whole bunch of crap out and was happy.

I wanted to do an oil change but didnt have the right tool for the nut underneath, so i just put some new oil in her, not too much of course, she was a little low regardless.

So a day before i did all this, the vt 97 started to kind of putt.. while driving. So while just cruising it would putt putt, like it was low on petrol ( it was full). So it was a small putt but after stopping the car a few times, it seemed to get even more bigger putts and harder to drive off. I remember even having to put my foot down just to get her from putt putting. to just moving and then driving.

Now this morning she wont turn over. Starter is fine and ticking but she wont turn over.

I think it might be spark plugs as it wasnt kept in good condition (second hand, doing her up) or worse fuel pump. Im assuming fuel pump is a whole lot of work! so a bit scared if its that.

Thanks guys