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304 borg warner t65 gearbox

go fast

Jun 13, 2009
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2007 ve ss 6.0 litre
hi there to all, i have a strange noise coming from gearbox,when i start car up put it in gear when everything is cold oil-ect, when the gearbox is all warmed up there is a strange whine in first gear,it is not so bad on a flat road but when you stop start on a hill it is very loud only in first gear,it seems when i put load on the box in first gear,i took the car to a diff specialist thinking it was a diff problem,he says diff in good order,i think maybe the first gear cog in the box has stuffed it self,does anybody know if there are bearings or something around the first gear cog that could be a bearing or something,the noise only happen in fist gear,not in any other gear,thats what makes me think it is a cog or bearing,it shifts perfectly,have had new oil changed, any suggestion would be a great help before i take it to the gearbox specialist,so they can quote me some large amount of money i have not got at the moment,if i keep on driving it would it stuff anything other things inside the box,the car has only done 78000kms on the box,:hmmm::hmmm: