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brake lights


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Nov 26, 2008
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Vt S Pack Series 2
hello all,

wondering if someone can solve my problem i own a vt series 2 s pack, the other night whilst driving down ferntree gully road my mate (driving in hi9s car behind me) told me that my passenger side break light wasn't working. the tail light worked when the parker were switched on but would go out when brake pressure was applied. i got home changed the globes over with a spare and now the brake light looks as if its permently on when the parkers are switched on. it doesn't go oyt when brake pressure is applied.

a mate whose a mechanic said that i just have the globe in wrong, so we both checked it out and it seems as if the actual holder for the globe is missing a chunk out of it. It doesnt appear to effect the way the globe is held in but u can still see part of the globe when its sitting in the holder.

sorry for the long drawn out post!