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Camaro Stealth 2.0 Performance Throttle Controller V6 V8 5th Gen LS3 LLT LFX LS LT SS

Discussion in 'Revhigh' started by Revhigh, Nov 24, 2015.

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    The Stealth 2.0 Controller suits the full range of Camaro's built from 2009 onwards.


    There are many improvements over the older Vitesse units, this includes a more responsive Hybrid ECU capable of being used on any vehicle, so even if you sell your Camaro, this unit can be fitted to a different vehicle make with a $30 module change. The ECU is also 35% more responsive.
    The Stealth 2.0 also includes anti abuse settings, and a fuel economy setting. For those who want to protect their vehicle, an anti theft mode is included, which acts like kill switch on the pedal.

    -100% Plug & Play
    -100% Legal
    -Warranty included
    -Works on tuned and untuned vehicles
    -Generally takes 15 minutes to install/uninstall
    - Vehicle Anti Theft system included
    - 35% more responsive compared to older units
    - BONUS: can be swapped to suit a variety of vehicles with a harness change. Older competitor units do not have this flexibility!!


    And for a full list of vehicles we support, please visit the following link.

    Thank you!


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