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Car Audio Items


Now driving R34 GT-T taxi
Aug 21, 2005
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Perth Balcatta/Hyden (Wave Rock)
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Nissan Skyline, R34 GT-T (RB25DET NEO) sedan
Item:pioneer 600w 4 Channel Amplifier (GM-6200F)
Age:18 Months old (Been used for only 6 months or so)
Condition:practically new, only had six months uses (give take).
Location:Balcatta, Perth, WA
Comments:I bought this and fitted it to my old car (VL whore) back around September 2006, I took it out when I put the VL into storage around Feb/March 07. It is still wrapped in the same newspaper from when I uninstalled it. It hasn't been in my new Skyline.

Item:pioneer 460w max 6x9 speakers (TS-A6992S)
Age:I purchased these around May 2007. (unused)
Location:Balcatta, Perth, WA
Comments:Was purchased for the R34 Skyline, Audiocom informed me that the rear could only take 6 inch speakers legally. Hence these speakers have been sitting under my bed ever since. Unused, bought from Melbourne, Aust. Not overseas, make sure your car can legally use them first! wink.gif

Item:pioneer 300w 2 Channel Amplifier (GM-3100T)
Age: May 06
Condition:Second hand, had close to one years use.
Location:Balcatta, Perth, WA
Comments:Went into my old VL when I first put in my sound system with a subby, 6 inch rears and 6 inch front splits. I took the amp out when I stripped the VL of all it's audio gear. I've had the sub and amp checked by Audiocom on Scarbeach Rd and they've tested it and said it works fine.

Item:pioneer CD player/radio deck (DEH-P5450)
Age:a few years old now (used)
Condition:Used, CD player and radio both working
Location:Balcatta, Perth, WA
Comments:This was in the VL prior to me putting in the sound system, my guestamation is that it went in 03/04... Fact is, it was reliable, no problems and great to throw into a bunky, or a work ute/cruiser or something like such..

Item:Boss 400w 2 Channel Amplifier (BA-2200)
Age:03/40 (Gifted to me on my 18th B'day, May 2006)
Condition:Second hand, came out of my cousin's car (BMW), I've never used it.
Location:Balcatta, Perth, WA
Comments:As I said, it was gifted to me on my 18th Birthday, I was going to put it in the VL but it didn't suit my application as I already had a 2 channel AMP, I've got no reason to keep this and I'm willing to sell. I've been told it isn't the best amp, so again, like to above item, best for a bunky or a workhorse.

Willing to negotiate on older items, if you have any quieries please message me or call me on my mobile (after 3pm would suit), people in Perth/WA are welcome to look at this stuff personally, would rather online transaction but cash will be absolutely fine... Feel free to ask any questions and present reasonable offers... Will offer discount for multiple purchases.. These items have also been placed on Skylines Australia and they may find their way on Ebay. Hence (without trying to sound pretentious), I reserve the right to cancel sale at my choosing and sell whatever items, whenever, to whomever... Not trying to be an arsehole, but just covering my self..

I will stand behind all items I sell, if something does not work I'm willing to offer a refund (this is negotiable, refund/repair)...

Thank You.
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